Creating Aliases with .bashrc


Using Kubuntu 13.10 x64 and OS X 10.9. Want to be able to launch several commands at once or at least shorten some already esiting commands? We can do that by creating aliases. I like to use nano, but any text editor will do. [OPTIONAL] Install nano Ubuntu ... Read more »

Setting Up Ghost on OpenShift using Ubuntu


Using Kubuntu 13.10 x64, revised for Ubuntu 14.04. Insert your own values for **CAPITALS**. Initial Setup Sign up with Setup Ruby and Git by cmd, for Ubuntu/Kubuntu 14.04. sudo apt-get install ruby-full git-core Setup Ruby and Git by cmd, for Ubuntu/Kubuntu 13.10 ... Read more »

Disable Stupid Blue Glow in KDE


I can't stand KDE's default blue glow. Here's how to disable it. I'm using Oxygen for window decorations, but the procedure should be the same for everything else. System: Kubuntu 13.10 x64, KDE: 4.11.2 Start/K Logo > System Settings Workstation Appearance, under Workstation Appearance and Behaviour Window ... Read more »