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I'm gradually building up my pile of projects. It's funny, but there's always something missing, waiting to pop back into mind when I'm in the shower, trying to sleep or otherwise too busy to write it in here! Position Project Year Developer 2014 Developer 2014 Administrator ... Read more »

Señor Woof


This is Señor Woof. She loves ball chucks, licking people and being happy. :) Her tail wags so fast it blurs. She parties hard. There are paintings of her. And she's my hairy baby! :D ... Read more »

About Me


I'm a computer tech, originally from Toronto, hold a recent degree and offer lots of experience. It'd be great to try something new, like analytics, but my current lot is still a good one and puts food on the table. If you're interested, please take a look at the links ... Read more »