Stop Dell Email, Snail Mail, Calls, Faxes and Texts

Successfully Unsubscribed from Dell's Email, Snail Mail, Calls, Faxes and Texts

Dell's snail mail just kept showing up and, unlike email, it wasn't obvious how to stop that. Here's how to unsubscribe from: Email Postal Mail Phone Calls Faxes (seriously?!?) Text Messages Just fill out Dell's List Removal form! NUISANCE WARNING ... Read more »

Building This Site

Señor Woof at the beach

Here's how this site was put together. UPDATE: Disqus "Also On" can't be hidden, so Facebook commenting has replaced it. Posts Content is written in Markdown, which is incredibly fast and easy once you get the hang of it. There ... Read more »



If your browser isn't using a PDF plugin, please view my resume here: ... Read more »

The Role of Notation in Mathematical Development

Here's my final paper, presented in one of my favourite classes, The History of Mathematics. We learned how ancient cultures developed and performed calculations, leading to where we are today. Ancient Greek arithmetic, done with a compass and straight edge ... Read more »

Setting Up Ghost on OpenShift Using Windows 8, 7 or Vista


Using Windows 7, assumed to work for Windows 8 and Vista. Run all code from the command line (cmd)." Insert your own values for **CAPITALS**. Initial Setup Sign up with Install Ruby. Check "Add Ruby executables to your ... Read more »

Is Privacy an Option?


Think you have privacy online? You only do to an extent. Here's how browser fingerprinting can uniquely identify you and IP lookups can provide a starting point for personal identification. If this sounds terrifying, then I suggest a VPN. This ... Read more »

Setting Up Ghost on OpenShift using OS X


Using OS X 10.9.1. Insert your own values for **CAPITALS**. Initial Setup Sign up with Install Xcode. Install Git for OS X. [Note] Press Ctrl+Click to open installers rejected by OS X 10.9 (Mavericks ... Read more »

LibreOffice SpellCheck Not Working


Kubuntu 13.10 x64. I've found that LibreOffice often claims to be spellchecking, but comes up empty for Canadian, British and Australian English. That's usually because no spellchecker is actually installed. Install one of these for your language. hunspell aspell ... Read more »



I'm gradually building up my pile of projects. It's funny, but there's always something missing, waiting to pop back into mind when I'm in the shower, trying to sleep or otherwise too busy to write it in here! Position Project ... Read more »

Señor Woof


This is Señor Woof. She loves ball chucks, licking people and being happy. :) Her tail wags so fast it blurs. She parties hard. There are paintings of her. And she's my hairy baby! :D ... Read more »

Creating Aliases with .bashrc


Using Kubuntu 13.10 x64 and OS X 10.9. Want to be able to launch several commands at once or at least shorten some already esiting commands? We can do that by creating aliases. I like to use nano ... Read more »

Setting Up Ghost on OpenShift using Ubuntu


Using Kubuntu 13.10 x64, revised for Ubuntu 14.04. Insert your own values for **CAPITALS**. Initial Setup Sign up with Setup Ruby and Git by cmd, for Ubuntu/Kubuntu 14.04. sudo apt-get install ruby-full git-core Setup ... Read more »

About Me


I'm a computer tech, originally from Toronto, hold a recent degree and offer lots of experience. It'd be great to try something new, like analytics, but my current lot is still a good one and puts food on the table ... Read more »

Disable Stupid Blue Glow in KDE


I can't stand KDE's default blue glow. Here's how to disable it. I'm using Oxygen for window decorations, but the procedure should be the same for everything else. System: Kubuntu 13.10 x64, KDE: 4.11.2 Start/K Logo ... Read more »